What is detox tea made of. Detox și digestie

Answer: No. This particular type of Yogi Tea does not contain any caffeine.

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The type that does has black tea in it. It is the black tea that contains caffeine.

Question: Is there a laxative quality to this tea? Answer: Um I really feel that it does.

Everytime I drink I go at least times a day instead of a normal Question: Des this tea help lose weight? Answer: No it doesn't. It's more like a liver cleanse to get rid of toxins.

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I use it in conjunction with a smoothie regiment to detox. Question: Does it help detox marijuana out of ur sytem?

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Answer: No this is detox for your stomach Question: is this 6 boxes? Answer: it is six boxes with what used to be in three boxes of tea Question: Are any of the ingredients estrogenic?

Answer: Not that I am aware of. I really like the product. Drink at least 1 cup per day.

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You may want to contact manufacturer about estrogenic properties. Question: Has anyone lose weight drinking this te?

Detox și digestie

Answer: I do not use this as a weight loss drink. Will this help flush out parasites? It contains a blend of herbs traditionally used to help support the liver, as well as Ayurvedic warming herbs.

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Given that lifestyle, diet and overall health are different for each individual, and given papillomavirus mouth everyone can respond uniquely to particular herbs and botanicals, the effects of this tea can vary from person to person.

A qualified healthcare provider is best suited to make a recommendation in light of your personal medical profile. Question: Why is this product over priced?

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